Sex questions prompt – Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire: Duncan Lory

Question 1: What is something you desire sexually that you will not tell your significant other? (if you’re single, what would you not tell your next partner?)

the only thing that i haven’t opened up about at this time is that i wish to try some more humiliation in the form of pee play *blush* not to ingest it or anything, more like a ‘scent marking’ and punishment fantasy …. primal tendencies are part of my kink

Question 2: What is something a lover often did/does that you didn’t/don’t really like, but you didn’t have the heart to tell them it didn’t do it for you as much as they thought?

umm, well Master and i have very open lines of communication so i’m not sure if He doesn’t know that it doesn’t do it for me as much as He doesn’t care! LoL i’m His toy to do with as He pleases and THAT PART turns me on so …..

Master enjoys licking and sucking on my pussy waaay more than i enjoy having it done! He enjoys forcing orgasms that way which leave me over sensitive and uncomfortable, which He also likes!! :O i like being used and His sadism, so it works out!

Question 3: What is the most embarrassing thing that you have thought about while masturbating lately? (the last month or two)

being spanked and scolded in public, nude, and being made to stand in a corner while others enjoyed an evening of fun and drinks …. talking about me and how i better have learned my lesson – public humiliation is a huge fantasy turn on

Question 4: What do you think is the hottest thing about you, or the hottest thing that you do from the perspective of those who have sex with you? (bonus: include the 2 or 3 hottest things)

1 – i give good head and i can easily take a cock down my throat, with the occasional gag which is apparently a huge turn on for men!

2 – i love anal sex, i can take a cock with no lube if i’m turned on and i have the best anal orgasms guaranteed to make anyone feel like i’m their slutty bitch

3 – Master says i have very big titties for a girl my size! *wink*

Question 5: What is something that you would do if it was more acceptable and nobody would mind or judge you for?

wear a leather collar with D ring and refer to Him as Master while we were out as well as in the home 🙂

Published by Mwc

married slave in sexual and domestic service to my Master for over 20 years we are exploring the world of BDSM and S&M

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