Personal revelations/thoughts

i’ve only been following Master’s orders for a few days in regards to house work but i am finding that everything seems to have much more meaning! meaning by way of slavehood and service.

years ago i would have assumed that any broken rules or undone work would have simply been excused or over looked by Master. it has taken us a while to get to this place we are in now. i have always been a very dominant person and despite the fact that everyone seems to claim they are, i don’t think that’s true in reality.

being in charge at work and having ‘to do’ lists for everyone doesn’t really make you a dominant in my view, but that’s my personal ideal – you don’t need to agree. anyway – i have always been very much the leader in all cases, including at home once upon a time, so this change over has been gradual. i think that has made the lessons learned and abilities acquired more concrete – on both sides! *smiles*

so back to revelations – i know now that He will in fact follow through with any punishments needed and He will do so willingly and with purpose. He feels now that He is the one charged with keeping me not only safe, but on track and accountable!! without malice or judgement (outside of ruling whether or not a punishment is needed).

it is keeping me humble, it’s keeping me honest and mostly right now – it’s making me horny!! 😛

He truly is the Master and i His slave.

❤ Mwc

Big Glass Cock!!

Master has ordered this huge dildo to fuck and torture His sex slave!! Master wants it in all holes but primarily my ass!! Yikes! :O

I have been tasked with getting my hole ready for His pleasure once it arrives. Master has 2 smaller glass dildos that i have to get into my hole and be able to walk around with, without letting them fall out!

i have a rather short torso, getting the 5 inches of glass in there and to stay in there is no easy task. and that’s just the current ones that Master owns, double yikes!! I am working with the smaller of the two now, it is slightly shorter and narrower than the second.

this second one i have had in my ass before and have managed to keep it in for an extended period of time. here’s to succeeding again!! *finger crossed*

i have finished today’s chore list (Master thought it was a great idea!) and i have finished my daily workout so i am now sitting in the library, towel on the seat to catch any lube AND the smaller of the two dildos in my slutty ass. it takes about 15 or 20 mins but i do eventually get my hole to accept the intruder 😛

i haven’t got much left to do today before getting ready for a couple of hours of work later this afternoon. i have so much food already made in the fridge that we will have leftovers tonight, that frees up some time! *wink*

i guess i’ll just tour around the backyard, clean up after the dogs and see if any of the flowers need water. that should give my little hole a good workout to keep this thing in!

i hope i can give my Master what He wants sooner rather than later – we all know i will eventually, it’s my slave’s duty! last night Master had me open wide with two speculums at once – He managed to get that double dildo all the way in – it’s obviously possible!! *giggle* i didn’t try to walk around with it in and He had been playing and stretching me for a while but – a slave must do what a slave must do! *wink*

❤ Mwc

Weekly tasks list

image from ‘’

i’m making a list of domestic duties that i believe will keep me responsible and on track for properly taking care of Master’s home. Master’s slut/slave should strive to be of service first and foremost – personal pleasures and kink are secondary and should not take up the majority of a slave’s day.

For your approval, Master. *smiles*

Daily tasks:

  • make Master’s bed and tidy bedroom
  • clean kitchen/wash dishes
  • plan/ready dinner

Weekly tasks:

  • Mon./Wed./Fri. vacuum main floor
  • Mon. – deep clean kitchen/back porch/ library
  • Tues. vacuum upstairs
  • Tues. – clean family room/ main bathroom
  • Wed. – clean dining room/living room/main hall & back hall
  • Thurs. – clean spare bedroom/upstairs bath
  • Fri. – deep clean Master’s bedroom/laundry room

Saturday and Sunday:

At Master’s beck and call! *smiles*

punishment for noncompliance will be at Master’s discretion!

❤ Mwc

Mindfulness & Training

I said last week that i was going to work on my slavehood to Master by using Monday’s as a mindful day to find new ways to better serve Him, or to improve on existing ways. so here i am …

i think i should come up with a weekly chart list, to be approved by Master of course, as a way of keeping me accountable and productive at home. i have more free time now that school has started and my work has slowed down considerably. i don’t want to spend all that time searching new kinky toys and dreaming up sexual acts and fantasies!

WELL, i DO … but i don’t believe that would be the best use of my time for my Master!


in other news – Master did give His slut’s holes a reprieve yesterday! *whew* my ass is still rather sore from the play Friday night. Master decided it was time to stretch out my ass hole! by the end of the experiment He had 4 fingers from each hand inside my hole and was stretching it to make it wider!!!

Master says He is planning on fist fucking my ass someday. i’m not sure if that is fact or if He is just fucking with my mind on this but it is really setting me into my slave mindset. it is fucking with my head!!! Ahh! we did play just a bit too hard/too quickly at the end because i have a tiny tear just on the outside of my anus. i think that’s why He gave me a break. it is healing now so butt plugs all day again today!

He has also taken to torturing my tits! every day for an entire week, when i make the bed i am to put elastics on my tits and hard plastic pins on my nipples – then make the bed and clean the bedroom – THEN kneel for 10 more minutes with two harder plastic clips on my cunt lips as well as everything else!

to remind His slut who she belongs to, who’s bidding she will do, and that her cunt, tits, mouth, and ALL other parts belong to Master. to be used, abused and enjoyed (a.k.a. tortured) by Master at will.

i told Him i wanted to feel more like His slave – be careful what you wish for!! :O

Now – i’m off to make the bed *OUCH* and then work on that weekly chore list!

❤ Mwc

Making Master’s bed

While making Master’s bed today i was reminded of how many times He has used His slut’s holes in the last two days. as part of my slut training Master had decided to keep a tally chart!

He’s not feeling very well today however and has had to work for the morning. perhaps my holes will get a bit of a reprieve from their training ….

❤ Mwc

Master’s Rules

There have been so many changes recently that i thought it wise to write down the rules:

  • no panties when not working unless permitted by Master
  • kitchen/dishes must be washed and tidied every day before Master gets home from work
  • the bed must be made and room ‘prettied’ for Master daily
  • workout for 20 mins when able and benwa balls & large butt plug must be used when not menstruating
  • no playing/touching myself unless it’s to pose for or take pictures for Master – sexual play is prohibited without express permission
  • no cumming without permission
  • slut must be clean shaven, always
  • follow all instructions and perform all tasks quickly and without complaint
  • watch my attitude and be forthcoming when a mistake has been made
  • no swearing ( i do not use such words in real life unless in a sexual way with Master)
  • Master’s discreet cuffs and collar must be worn at all times
  • slut may not cum that day if she had to be punished (*new rule)

All of the above are subject to punishment if not fulfilled to Master’s specification. slave is charged with informing Master if any of the above, or other infractions, have been made.

Master decides the length, type and intensity of all punishments.

slave will accept all punishments with grace and dignity – worthy of her Master.

that’s all i can think of right now!

❤ Mwc

A First!! and punishment received. :/

i’ll start by going over the punishment! it finally came time to pay for my attitude. i need to state very clearly that Master is a kind and gentle person, He would never do anything to hurt me and all we do here is consensual and more over, usually initiated by me. not in a topping sort of way, more in an emotional or in need sort of way.

the punishment went pretty much as i had imagined. Master did add a second pair of panties rolled up into a gag so as to not alert the others in the house! once He had administered the strokes, i was left to kneel, pants and panties still down, in the middle of the bedroom floor until His return.

it gave me more time to focus on me, on Him and on how i want my mind and attitude to be and not on trying to maintain a pose or how my limbs ached. it was the ache on my ass that took center stage!! *whelp*

Afterwards He came to collect me, made sure i was alright and changed me into some comfy clothes for the evening. *smiles* i do love how my Master takes care of me ❤


much later, when it was time for bed. Master strips me as always, i’m not allowed to take my own clothes off when He is here. i lay back on the bed and spread my legs open wide. ‘would you like to fuck me, Master?’

‘Yes, I would like to very much but I’m too sore.’

‘would you like me to fuck you … ?’ (that’s a first, i have never asked Him that and you could see on His face that He was very confused!!! LoL )

He moved to the bed and sat Himself upright, i asked Him to put on a blindfold which He did, and i climbed on top and started ‘fucking Him’! *giggle* Master was very pleased, eventually though He had had enough and took off the blindfold, flipped me over and stuck His big hard cock straight into my ass!! He does that once He’s ready to cum, He always talks about filling my little ass up with cum whether He is ready to or not!!

He must have been feeling generous because He asked me if i was getting ready to cum while He slid in and out of my sore little hole. i said, ‘no Master, little sluts who have been corrected don’t deserve to cum that day’ (another first) to which He agreed!! *yikes* sometimes i don’t know what the hell i’m thinking!!

On top of that, it was decided that once Master filled my ass with His cum, He would insert a butt plug (weighted one) and i would do my best to keep it in All Night Long! we had talked about things like this years ago but He had never followed through. last night – He DID!! another first!

So it seems the evening was filled with firsts for me and i’m very proud to say that Master’s little slut kept the plug in all night! my hole is a bit sore and a bit tender today, but that only serves to remind me of what i am and who i belong to.

with bruises from play, stripes from correction and a sore hole from a task accomplished – i’m a very happy, humble and content little slave today! *smiles*

❤ Mwc

Wicked Wednesday – service slave

not sure if this is part of my punishment or just simply for mindset and service. i think the latter. *smiles*

*cock gag

*heavy elastic bands around my tits

*sturdy plastic pins on my now engorged flesh and nipples

*large butt plug – and of course my black leather collar

i do enjoy serving my Master and i appreciate how He takes care of my masochistic side.

Thank you, Master!

❤ Mwc

Why do i blog?

i’ve been thinking lately about why do i blog? i could just as easily keep a journal and not have it public. i could just keep my thoughts to myself OR only blog the dirty, naughty things we get up to …. but i don’t. i blog the truth and reality of being a full time married slave to my husband, my Master. So why ??

i think the reason is that number one, blogging helps me to focus on and maintain the proper slave attitude to be happy and fulfilled in this dynamic. i have tried other blogs but they have only ever gone half way with the lifestyle that we have chosen. i’m not sure why, it’s just where i was at the time mentally and emotionally i suppose.

now i find that this blog is helping me to tap into my slavehood much more deeply and freely! i find that having it public instead of just a private journal is giving me the feeling that ‘yes, it is for real’ and not just a horny, needy fantasy.

so, thank you, for joining me. the ‘likers’ and the lurkers alike. *smiles* you are making this journey more meaningful and ‘real’ than it was before i began.


as to my attitude, i told Master the way i was feeling and Master has decided that YES i do need an attitude adjustment and YES all my thoughts and ideas are valid! Yikes!!!

yesterday did not work out, we had no time until just before we were to fall into bed – today i assume He will ‘take care of it’

i am nervous and a bit anxious – of course, who wouldn’t be??? it is not for fun, it is for learning –

i know i deserve it,

i know i need it –

i am NOT looking forward to it.

i will do my best to accept my punishment with grace.

i will do my best to look inward and make the changes i need to be a good slave to Master.

i want to be able to be His happy little slut, always!

❤ Mwc

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