Master’s morning

Master wakes early for work, He has for many years. today was no different, He rubs my ass, gets out of bed and comes over to my side. He kisses my head and will often whisper something in my ear and then He is gone

this morning i couldn’t get back to sleep – that’s not unusual. today however i decided to come down and see if He was still here. i didn’t know what time it was, i didn’t check but i had a need to wander down, naked of course because that is how He choses me to sleep

Master was still in the kitchen, last minute preparations before leaving as i walked in to greet Him – He smiled!

‘Why are you down?’ He asked

‘i couldn’t sleep ….’

‘I see. He replied as His eyes drank me in.

i walked and rubbed and smiled. i talked absentmindedly. i turned to Him and saw His shorts around His ankles and a very big smile on His face. that’s not the only very big thing i saw! *smirk*

He placed His hand on my shoulder and i quickly went down on my knees in front of Him. my favorite spot to be and i smiled – my mouth fell open and He was soon inside as i sucked and moved back and forth on His cock

when He’s ready He puts His hands on my head and fucks my face. harder and faster – He’s in full control. He likes to push Himself down my throat and make me choke and then He stops. he gets me to my feet, turns me around and i place my hands on the counter and bend over for Him. He slides inside of me and fucks His slut’s cunt at will

He’s getting close, no time for me today, it’s not about my pleasure it’s about His. ‘I’m going to cum all over you today. You will kneel down in front of me when I tell you, understand.’ it’s not really a question more of a direction!

i kneel and i wait, i try to get as close as i can but my skin doesn’t slide well on the flooring! i went down to soon, i stretch and He cums …. i open my mouth and He gives me some there too. and i wait – i’m not allowed to swallow without His order

‘Swallow.’ is all He has to say and i drink Him in, all the He allowed me to at least, the rest is dripping off my chin and all over my breasts, thighs and even sliding down my pussy lips that are now engorged and wet.

He says i’m His good girl and sends me back to bed. i ask if i may play with my pussy now and He agrees. He says i also get to cum!!! *yays* He says i have earned it. *smiles*

Master has allowed it which means i am okay to be on the bed. i start to rub the lube into my already swollen and wet pussy and i get closer and closer. try as i might i can’t bring myself to orgasm, not until i can hear His voice in my head. ‘Cum for me’ i hear Him say and i open my legs and cum! riding the wave as long as i can

it’s good and a wonderful release that i will need to thank Him for when i get up for the day, BUT it’s never as good as when He is with me.

good morning friends!

❤ Mwc

Friday :) ben wa balls, large plug!

time for chores! *smiles* hope your day is as good as mine so far!

i know i have been absent, my apologies. i will try to do better. i’m sure you’d prefer to mark my ass for my failure but i guess you’ll just need to imagine it *wink*

❤ Mwc

i miss it – jumbled thoughts

He hasn’t put the chastity belt back on and i miss it! i know it sounds crazy but i do, i miss the feel of being hot for Him, i miss the feel of being caged by him!

He was going to put it on last night after work but i ate too much at dinner and my tummy was a bit bloated, okay a lot! i hadn’t been feeling well at all the day before and in truth i’m still not 100%. i guess He took it easy on me which i appreciate, i am humbled by the fact that He always takes my well being into account BUT i miss it! :/

today there isn’t even a plug to keep me company while He is at work, only some pins on my nipples to tidy the bedroom. i have to run the oldest boy to work this afternoon and He often wants all kink left at home, for Him and Him alone!

i need to mind my portion sizes i guess! lol i hadn’t eaten much the last few days thanks to this ‘bug’ and i guess i just made up for it at dinner last night!!

i hope He wants me caged tonight!

❤ Mwc

slim fitting chastity belt

link to chastity belt 🙂

this one is not nearly as expensive as the ‘fancy steel’ model but with a small amount of tweaking it now fits just perfectly! it comes with two separate sets of cable wires that need to be sized and fed through the cage itself. it was tempting to cut them to fit but we decided it was best to just slide them inside the tubing instead. wire cable will fray and result in some serious injury if you are not careful!!!

we ordered a size that was right but the cable was still much too long! the one that goes out the top was set inside the tubing but the part in between the legs had to be cut! no choice in the matter so Master soldered the end on the cable we cut, it was tricky work, and we then wrapped a very small amount of electrical tape around it before finally setting it inside the tubing in the crotch area!

it sounds very confusing, i know, i will see to setting up some pictures when i have more time. for now i can say that with a bit of patience and a bit of skill it fits very well!

❤ Mwc

Master’s whore in waiting

after reading Quean Piggy’s accounts of the slim fit chastity belt Master decided He would like to have one!! :O

i am currently wearing said chastity belt while Master is away on an errand. it fits okay but i think He will need to adjust it some more and make it tighter. this one has the hole in the anus area as well as a plate covering my pussy. it is making me very wet! just as Piggy had described i guess and just as Master had wanted

over all it’s not too uncomfortable to wear but the metal ring around the anus is causing me some discomfort! i think that likely has more to do with the spanking i just received for my poor attitude than the belt itself. *gulp*

the metal on my pussy warmed to my body quickly and the ring around my anus makes me feel like i have my hole held open just waiting to be used.

Master’s whore in waiting, just as He had planned!

❤ Mwc

Still His ass slut (a re-post to get me back in the mood!)

Master likes all my bits and pieces but when He wants to cum inside me He likes to use my ass

Most often He comes on my titties while i jerk Him off or He comes on my face …. but when He wants to be inside, it’s always my ass!

we stepped out of the hot tub and i got up to the bedroom to dry off and apply my moisturizer, it wasn’t long before Master was walking through the door. Like a good little wet cunt i sat on the bed, put my knees up and let my legs falls open …. a full view of His property for Master. He was pleased, He said He was hoping i was still naked *smiles*

He walked over and grabbed a stool, took a seat at the edge of the bed and ordered me to lay back and close my eyes. He started by licking my clit, then biting and pulling on my lips …. He told me i was such a good little whore, always wet and ready for my Master

once He had His fill of my wet cunt He decided to see just how much fucking i could take before i begged to cum. He put heavy plastic clips on my cunt lips and smaller ones on my nipples. He started a huge dick dildo and stuck it into my pussy, then wedged it in place so He could pull and twist the clips on my cunt lips … *ouch*

He fucked His ‘little bitch’ over and over with that big hard dildo, He likes to watch me squirm and hear me whine when He removes it … always ready for more, that’s what makes me Master’s little wet cunt – finally He allows me to cum, but not just any orgasm, oh no! He pins my legs down and turns the vibe to high!!! Over and over he forces orgasms until i fight to close my legs, which of course He doesn’t allow. the more i fight it the longer i’m forced to cum

Finally he lets me go but not for very long. Master now wants to feel the inside of His little wet cunt, He slides Himself just in to the tip ….. whiny little bitch is pouting and whining for more – and more she gets!! OMG He is so large and after all the pussy torture my cunt is swollen and already sore …. He is relentless in fucking me hard, until He is ready to cum

He doesn’t even turn me over this time, He just grabs my legs and opens them wide while holding them up – in He slides His big cock, right into my ass without an ounce of lube!!! Ow ow ow, i cry but to no avail. He offers no mercy, it makes Him even harder to hear me whimper, i swear it does!!

Master fucks my poor little ass raw! When He finally cums He slides out ever so slowly and orders me to ‘stay’. Uh oh ….

a large metal plug now sits in my very sore ass ….. i have informed Him that the cum feels like it is starting to slip out ….. and that my ass is very much aware of whom it belongs to. Hopefully He will have pity on me soon and let it come out!

i’m still every bit His little ass slut …. *smiles* i’m very pleased that i can still offer Him pleasure …



Master is still working, i am off for the summer months

after work and a shower Master decided to use my holes – i was not at all turned on or horny, He did not take any time to turn me on

He had wanted to plug my ass when He got home and so when i went up to the bedroom and bent over … well i guess He got inspired!

He found a long glass plug and put it firmly into my hole, then He put Himself firmly into my cunt – i was not wet, i hadn’t really been in the mood all day – it did not matter

Master decided that more humiliation was in order, He removed the plug and fucked my ass Himself instead. He flipped me over after some time so that I was now on my back, edge of the bed with legs straight up in the air, and He fucked my ass some more

i was still not turned on, i was still not ‘in the mood’ but again, it did not matter. once finished He placed the plug back into my hole, ‘I like to use your hole and stretch my slut‘ he said. ‘and i know you like it too …

i did not enjoy myself BUT deep down i have a very real and strong satisfaction from being used by Master! being of use when i’m not horny makes this dynamic more real to me, i am here to be used for His pleasure and that is exactly what He did yesterday. THAT makes me content.

i’m still not really horny today, it’s true, sometimes slaves are not wet and dripping! *chuckle*what i am however is content. *smiles*

Master is taking this dynamic more and more seriously all the time. life has taken a turn so that we do have the energy to invest in being more immersed. for now i will enjoy every moment that i can, i know it won’t last forever, i know that life will eventually interfere but for now ….. for now i revel in my submission.

❤ Mwc


bored – grumpy – PMSing and in a mood!

Master is working and i’ve been off all week, will be the entire summer. holidays are great but they always take a short while to get used to, the free time and wanting to be His …. it can’t be 24/7 when He’s not here! LoL

the plug lasted 8 days then my body needed a break – Master has yet to put it back and with the cramps and stuff that i’m just starting with for my cycle – it likely won’t be back till at least this cycle done, if He hasn’t lost interest

it’s hard for Him to maintain such a high level of protocol and energy when He has to be away for work, i get that, my mind gets that … my slave self does not like it though. such is real life M/s!!

i could use a good hard spanking to get my mindset back to where it needs to be, to fight against these hormones and to balance me once more – i know that won’t happen.

why you ask? because the boy is home, the windows are open and all the neighbours around with their children for summer break! there is no where to go and no where to play! the pandemic has made it so privacy is almost none existent and any loud kinks are on hold! UGH

i said when i started this blog i would write all aspects, good and not so good, so as to give a real sense of what M/s is like when the real world finds its way in. in the fantasy i would be naked, probably chained or cuffed and spanked regularly but in real life, there is a lot of waiting!

UGH it’s always worse with PMS! 😛 makes me moody


6 days plugged

so far Master has had me plugged or anally fucked for 6 days straight .. no end in sight. He has not given me an ‘end date’ and sunday evening has come and gone! :O

my hole has a constant ache, my pussy a constant drip!

the unknown is fucking with my head, He would normally give in by now or stop on His own accord. this time though He seems to be more concerned about what He wants then what I say!! :O

one happy slut! *smiles*

❤ Mwc

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